About Measure C

Voting Yes on C — the Marin Wildfire Prevention Measure — will help protect Marin from the very real threat of wildfire. 


With longer, hotter and drier fire seasons combined with Marin’s abundant natural vegetation that could fuel a wildfire, we’ve been fortunate to date. 


Wildfire can start in one place and quickly spread. Even if your property is fire safe, you may be at risk if adjacent properties or communities are not fire safe. 


Destructive and fatal wildfires in Sonoma, Paradise and elsewhere have taught us that we must be proactive to prevent wildfires and save lives and protect our environment during fire emergencies.


Voting Yes on C creates a coordinated wildfire prevention program to:

  • Improve emergency alert and fire warning systems 

  • Improve evacuation routes and infrastructure for quicker and safer evacuations

  • Reduce hazardous vegetation and protect native species using environmentally-responsible practices

  • Expand defensible space and fire safety inspections

  • Protect roads, bridges, power and communication lines, schools, police and fire stations

  • Provide support for seniors, low-income homeowners and people with disabilities needing assistance keeping their homes fire resistant

  • Expand neighborhood wildfire safety and preparedness programs

Measure C requires mandatory fiscal accountability protections:

  • All funds must be spent locally for wildfire prevention and preparedness only

  • By law, no funds can be taken by the State

  • An independent citizens’ oversight committee ensures funds are spent properly

  • Low-income senior citizens are eligible for an exemption from the cost

Without Measure C, the growing risk of wildfire will increase the cost of homeowners' insurance by more than the cost of this measure and insurance companies may stop offering fire insurance.


Please join Marin’s fire chiefs, elected leaders, business and environmental leaders, civic leaders and the Coalition of Sensible Taxpayers (CO$T) in supporting Measure C to protect our property and save lives!