To provide dedicated local funding for wildfire prevention and preparedness, a Marin Wildfire Prevention Measure will appear on local ballots in the March 3, 2020 election. This measure will provide approximately $20 million annually in local funding exclusively for wildfire preparedness and prevention projects. These funds will be managed by the newly created Marin Wildfire Prevention Authority (MWPA).

The MWPA seeks to:

  • Improve emergency alert and warning systems for early and organized evacuations

  • Improve evacuation routes and infrastructure to enhance traffic flow for safer evacuations 

  • Expand coordinated efforts to reduce brush and hazardous vegetation 

  • Expand defensible space and home hardening evaluations while educating homeowners about reducing their fire risk 

  • Provide grants and support to seniors, low-income homeowners and those with access and functional needs who may need assistance maintaining defensible space and making their homes fire resistant 

  • Create and sustain coordinated neighborhood wildfire public safety and preparedness programs

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The Marin Wildfire Prevention Measure includes mandatory fiscal accountability provisions. All funds generated by the measure would stay in Marin and cannot be taken by the State. In addition, an independent citizens’ oversight committee and annual audits would ensure funds are spent as promised. Low-income senior citizens are also eligible for an exemption from the cost of the measure.


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